Built on Listening

From the start, Eiravato challenged to change the world of industry waste through real-world application technology. Designed in industry for industry, our technology radically transforms flat waste report data into high-performance intelligence that for multi-location companies is quick and easy to deploy.

Our team convened from the waste, materials management, financial and technology sectors set its mission to connect global companies, their value supply and waste vendor partners. Such connectivity aids companies to deploy global waste stewardship programmes delivering immediate cost, regulatory and sustainability benefits.

By bringing global waste management programmes together, we unlock hidden potential and opportunities. We unify inward and outward value chains, their people, and organizations to mitigate and solve the often-complicated world of waste. Organizing data, delivering intelligence, we harness success by delivering platform intelligence that guides industry to transform its performance globally.

We welcome existing and new customers as well as potential  partners, investors where we can work collaboratively together to reduce industry waste globally whilst mobilizing impact mitigation, high-performance sustainability and the Circular Economy.

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