Our Team and Story

Marcin Kulik


Marcin was born in Poland 1981, arrived in Ireland in 2004, 

"I have been very lucky to have had an exciting career as an entrepreneur, being involved in numerous interesting projects, in various roles, including business innovation, technology and business development. I am a highly motivated, optimistic and hardworking individual, with a strategic and technical mindset, but also with broad knowledge of customer and market requirements. I believe in constant personal improvement, and constantly train myself on different aspects of business."
His specialties are research and development of i-strategies and applications, project development, enterprise systems development, business model innovation, software development, web structure design and development, branding, product design, marketing, outsourcing and supply, international business, business consultancy, agile/scrum & traditional project management, circular economy.

Steve Cassidy

Co-Founder of EIRAVATO

Steve is an entrepreneur of 25 years with 10 years in the Waste Management sector with a deep knowledge of supply chain logistic inefficiencies and solution focussed. Expert in design of technical solutions that are customer centric, effective at multiple engagement levels. Co-architect of industry circular
lean management methodology and personnel deployment reskilling. Deep understanding of circular inhibitors and
accelerating opportunities.