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Eiravato is an innovative and forward-thinking platform technology designed to enable Waste Programme leaders deploy sustainability strategies to mitigate, minimize and circularize waste materials across multiple regulatory jurisdictions. Our platform technology houses multiple tools and modules that helps waste programme leaders to first define, integrate then rapidly deploy projects including digital Zero Waste to Landfill and Circular Economy certification strategies via methodologies that are minimal interruption and cost effective.

For those charged with managing waste vendor report acquisition and maintenance, they are all to aware that this is often a slow and often thankless duty. At Eiravato Data Processing we radically alter the acquisition process by digitizing incoming vendor reports simply making life easier for leaders delivering data in real-time always up to date. We provide a choice of data acquisition portals including waste satellites where vendors via their own connected platforms can themselves deliver reports securely to customer home platforms in real-time.

Currently engaging global customers from Technology, Life Sciences, Medical Device, Automotive, Hospitality and Banking / Legal sectors, we via our Multisite command platforms connect their operational locations across the globe delivering comparative side-by-side measurement data for regional regulatory, waste performance, finance, and sustainability. For Global Waste Programme leaders, we transform how waste is visualized, measured, and engaged with providing an accelerated road-map for environment impact reduction. Embedding our Finance tool, transition to engage waste minimization, circular economy with rich ESG reporting content need not be an additional cost burden, rather when engaging Eiravato Lifecycle Management methodologies, inefficient cost accruals can be identified and put to more effective and rewarding use.

Eiravato was designed by a dedicated team inside industry and commercial gates in real live working conditions. Working side-by-side with EHSS, purchasing, finance, product designers and compliance teams, we listened to their needs continually designing solutions to simply make life easier whilst protecting and preparing organizations to meet both existing, pending, and future demands such as non-financial, regulatory and ESG reporting via our high-level report design tools with live data feeds.

Eiravato is not a software, rather it is a platform technology housing multiple tools that elevates waste from a constant negative narrative only made more difficult because of continuous organizational growth as well as other duties that managers have. That narrative can be completely altered to elevate intelligent waste planning with the assistance of our team delivering quality positive content with minimal impact to a plan that is most cost effective.

Eiravato automatically deliverers a suite of systemic statistics including Volumes, Regional Compliance (EU, US, China, Australia, Canada etc), EU Guidance on use of Disposal & Recovery Codes, UN Hazardous, SDG, and Finance. Utilizing the in-platform Integrations tool, our customers can build their own statistical reporting formats to meet individual in-house, external, regulatory need such as non-financial and ESG. At the heart of statistical reporting is SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) that beyond the data itself, is a road-map to continuous impact reduction and sustainable development for the organization. Incorporated into U.S. customer platforms is U.S Compliance Stats automatically capturing Federal, State, Form and Source codes.

Central to each platform is a unique Lifecycle Management Map capturing all materials accruing including even the most difficult hazardous materials. This map captures  materials from source through its chain of custody to immediate, intermediate, and final treatment partners. Utilizing REALL SDG Accreditation, we connect with all waste vendor partners to deploy Zero Waste to Landfill certification first, then activating REALL Circular Economy certification capturing digitized vendor declarations fully detailing the final material outcomes to include circular regeneration.

Transition and deployment of effective and rewarding global waste programmes delivers quickly. In less than 10 days waste programme leaders are rewarded with deliverables that quickly set the stage for further development and impact strategy formation. Our dedicated team is at hand to help you of this transition, listen to your needs and provide support from our waste and materials experience via CHAT, email, webinars, or direct contact.


If you and your organization want to develop rapid transition for your global waste programme, we are at hand to help you

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