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In challenging times for airports across the globe, waste remains a constant and significant challenge in complex world of aviation.

Eiravato offers a unique solution to deliver complex solving intelligent network technology. Airports are diverse with multiple waste generators whether security, welfare, concessionaires, airlines, and terminals. Many airports are challenging sustainability but to drive such projects, robust data underpinning must be assured so that accurate cost benefit analyses can be undertaken with confidence.

At Eiravato, we can build waste stewardship solutions that capture critical data by waste generators, internal airport locations, licensed waste vendors, waste material workflows, inventories, accumulation, treatment storage and disposal. System visibility activates an airport waste material Weather Map highlighting key datasets as required made available for public / private consumption. All outward materials are tracked and traced to include mapping to vendors, treatment types, attached all key regulatory documentation automatically.

With airports facing many challenges today, Eiravato can offer a complete solution to manage all waste transactions, capturing waste reports from all licensed vendors, delivering rich, robust, and intelligent data, statistics, and evidence packs to key airport leaders via a central command platform.

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