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You can contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Waste data as a metric is important when relating to ESG and non-financial reporting content. To enhance the demonstration experience we believe that seeing your own waste data transformed onto a platform provides greater visibility, insights and an understanding of opportunity. 

We invite organizations to engage with our impact demonstration opportunity. To engage we require some or all of the following;

Go to the Book a Demo panel below providing your name, contact details and organization name.

Upon communication, we activate a set-up platform with access details. 

Upon accessing your platform you are presented with a secure data upload wizard. 

At the Wizard, you are requested to upload 3 most recent waste vendor reports (for each vendor).

You can upload your own consolidated all vendor report if you wish. 

Upon receipt, we will notify you of a mutually suitable time to demonstrate (30 minutes). You will be presented with your transformed data leading to discussion. There are no onward obligations or cost implications at this stage. 

Note: We operate an demonstration acceptance process subject to queuing traffic. 


The adage 'show - don't tell' applies to our advanced demonstration service. We present an opportunity for you to submit some of your current waste data so that the demonstration is more relevant. Looking at your transformed reports will show you the power of our technology  delivering multiple statistical datasets, multi-regional regulatory / compliance alignment, multi-regional location connectivity and much more.

T&C's Apply

Contact us today and we will guide you as to what is required to enhance your demonstration experience.



To help us arrange a demonstration, please complete the form below.


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