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Company leaders have a growing awareness that an increasing number of investors are integrating Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) performance as a consideration within their investment decisions. Waste by its nature is a key metric but for many companies and organizations, access to robust data can reduce ESG waste reporting to approximations or mere statements of good intention. As ESG comes under ever greater scrutiny, Eiravato helps companies build their network platforms capturing solid, robust, grassroot data and report with confidence.

Systemically Eiravato assists its customers to drive waste optimization, using project lean tools to reduce, mitigate, even acetize materials to circular economy outcomes across its values chains and location networks. Enabling digital zero waste to landfill self-certification as well as value chain track and trace, Eiravato makes and delivers rich data, information, and intelligence for customers. Available data can be mobilized as ESG report content for annual sustainability as well are third-party accrediting bodies and indeed investor reports. As a platform Eiravato unlocks flat or disparate waste data, makes available tools for high-performance sustainability transition, now the task is to capture continuous improvement reporting in confidence for the market knowing that published content will not just meet scrutiny but exceed and protect.

Eiravato platform technology capture and house continuous real-time waste data feeds mobilizing live systemic statistics, tables, and intelligence. Our in-house Integrations tool enables customers to create unique data reports specific to a mission such as content for third party ESG accreditation bodies. Once built, without intervention, Eiravato captures designated data continuously, made available to the customer. An additional benefit is that customers can run several integrated reports simultaneously. Where appropriate integrated reports can be fed to third party software or portals.


Relating to waste as a component of ESG, sustainability disclosure is not complex with Eiravato.


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