At Eiravato, we can build waste stewardship solutions for school, colleges, and universities. Eiravato makes it easy by creating an intelligent network that is rich in data, simple to deploy, efficient whilst saving time and reducing costs.

We capture raw waste vendor reports that arrive in multiple formats, automate, allowing easy upload via several delivery choices. Uploaded data is enriched into a suite of statistical outputs by volumes, costs, regional regulatory codes, Co2 Footprint and Sustainable Development Goals. Systemic data delivery is enhanced with an integrated capability for customers to create their own types of data, statistics and reports bringing waste to life.

We can connect school, college and university groups at multiple locations connecting to deliver side-by-side performance data enabling activation of projects to reduce and mitigate waste whilst creating capability for delivery of circular economy materials.

Capturing rich data we can create content for green school projects capturing best practices as well as embedding how-to-do content at our education portal that help students and staff participate.