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Eiravato presents platform technology that houses a diverse range of functionalities, methodologies and tools that empower global and local waste programme leaders to mobilize radical change that benefits their companies and organisations. Such programmes may appear initially daunting but the reality with Eiravato support is anything but. For companies that choose SAAS – Self Build or the Virtual management model, our team is here to support during build please and beyond to continuous supports.

Tutorials: Upon activation of a platform, users have access to a tutorial library that inform as to system usage but also in broader terms content to aid missions such as Lifecycle Management, digital Zero waste to Landfill and more.

Step-by-Step Guides: Users participating in different system sections can avail in step-by-step information guide buttons and video tutorials.

Chat Now: We are on hand to support users with Chat now being available at each opened page. Our team can assist and guide as your need arises.

Email:  Clients can avail of direct email contact with our team or use the Contact choice at our website.

Waste Vendor Data Review: Key to building a platform is waste vendor report content. Prior to populating the platform, customers can send vendor reports for review. Our team will assess and set out the best way to proceed.

Webinars: We host regular webinars dedicated to specific topics and if subscribed, we will send you an invite.

Video Conferencing: For customers who are signed up, we are available to conduct private call where we can address your specific needs with supports that ensure you meet your goals.

Education: Houses at your Lifecycle Map is an Education portal where we are constantly introducing industry, material and compliance videos and content to inform.