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For global companies, activation of a multi-location waste programme can be daunting at the best of times. For global programme leaders successful deployment requires engagement of local lead teams which given other duty pressures can be problematic. In a post pandemic world time is a finite resource that can impede personnel from both activating and participating in waste programmes regardless of the positive results and efficiencies that would ultimately be delivered. The prospect of introducing training and new work practices can understandably dissuade global leaders despite the ultimate benefit to the company.

Balancing the need for a company to deliver an intelligent global waste management platform against real world time restrictions for personnel can be tricky. Eiravato designed in industry for industry recognizes these conditions and resolves with a enterprise service provision model.

Data more descriptively waste vendor report data is a key resource when activating a multi-region intelligent waste platform. Enterprise service provision engages Eiravato to both build initial data infrastructure and importantly maintain waste data feed continuously. Whilst engagement with both global and local leaders is required during the build phase, engagement time is respected and minimal. The advantage of maintaining continuous enterprise waste vendor feeds is that it requires little to no time from leaders other than validating data that has already been delivered to their platforms.  Rich, robust data is made available to local leaders at their platforms in real-time, with consolidated data delivered in parallel to the global lead team platform.

Many global companies and organizations now reach out to new partners that can enrich their intelligence ecosystem. Eiravato enterprise means that your waste programmes are our business where we deliver multi-layered results with minimal impact on lead teams. Training and educating personnel can be a tardy process more so when attempting to deploy a work practice changes. Engaging Eiravato enterprise results in not only building high-performance platform network and delivering real-time accurate waste vendor data but it is also what we do with the data that is advantageous. 

Our priority is to acquire and house accurate data from waste vendors across the prescribed global programme. We make this data available to global and local leads but behind the scenes we utilize that data to deliver intelligence. In assessing this intelligence Eiravato can accelerate global waste programmes whether it be multi-regional regulatory alignment or lifecycle assessment, delivering results in weeks rather than months or years. Combined delivery of data and intelligence content enables value exchange across department such as EHSS, ESG, finance for example. Global waste programmes can accelerate at a pace when the skills Eiravato team are positioned.

Quick Service View:

Integrate Waste Vendors onto platforms | Activate Vendor Satellite Platforms

Assign Regional Waste Codes [U.S. | E.U. | CHINA | AUSTRALIA | CANADA ......]

Activate U.N. Hazardous Codes

Digitize Vendor Material Inventories | Embed on Green Card

Populate One - Two Years of Back Vendor Report Values

Activate Suite of Statistics – Volumes | Regional Compliance codes | Sustainable Development Goal | UN Hazardous | Finance

Activate Lifecycle Management Map

Activate Track & Trace for all Transactions Exiting Site to Vendors

Activate Bi-annual Waste Vendor Data Audits Ensuring Data Solidity


This quick view does not cover all functionalities. To know more, why not schedule a demonstration.





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