How long does it take to set the system up?

Once you gather your data it usually takes approx 48h for system to run first analytics. Once the initial configuration is done following data can be imported to the system automatically, saving your team cost and time.

What kind of waste can EIRAVATO platform manage?

Any kind of waste really. Although the final results such as Closed loop potential depend on the site and local infrastructure. Implementing basic LEAN and data transparency can be achieved in 99% of cases.

Do you provide consultancy services?

EIRAVATO is a very powerfull tool that empowers location managers to deliver the change. We understand however that being busy professional you may require support therefore depending on case we may be able to provide consultancy services.

What is different about EIRAVATO?

EIRAVATO is not just a software, it is a methodology of LEAN waste management that can be adopted by any company. EIRAVATO has been created  out of understanding that to enable economical shift towards Circular Economy we must design-in, valorise and productise waste. EIRAVATO in-house waste classification does just that, it changes perception of waste to product.

Is your software compliant with local laws?

Yes, beside advanced data and reporting, our software presents data according to your local regulatory requirements. Our customers fly through the EPA and internal audits, and often reduce waste management tax.

What data does your system require?

EIRAVATO is designed to accept your standard waste provider reports you should get every month. Those reports are a basic compliance requirement in most of the countries. The report usually contains: Waste Stream Name, Waste Classification Code, Collection Date & Collection Volume. To complete financial analytics the system also requires matching invoices.