Managing waste data across multiple regions can pose a major headache when combined when confronting different regulations and local infrastructure conditions. For companies, deploying global waste management and sustainability programmes can be problematic, whether it be local management engagement where practices are so diverse that it is most difficult to drive a universal set of standards, practices, and methodologies to meet the company’s overall goals and standards.

A first step is to create a common language applicable to all locations, this being achieved through the provision of a quality and robust data foundation. Reorganising and standardizing data can with relative speed create a clear picture as to the circumstances each location works within. Eiravato first captures location data albeit disparate initially. Waste data whether local vendor reports or local in-house consolidated reports are first digitized then connected to feed both the global leader command and control platform as well as platforms for local leaders. This establishes connective language where a suite of rich data, statistics and intelligence informs each party where strategies can then be activated to meet both local and global waste management goals.