Managing waste data across multiple regions can pose a major headache when combined when confronting different regulations and local infrastructure conditions. For companies, deploying global waste management and sustainability programmes can be problematic, whether it be local management engagement where practices are so diverse that it is most difficult to drive a universal set of standards, practices, and methodologies to meet the company’s overall goals and standards.

A first step is to create a common language applicable to all locations, this being achieved through the provision of a quality and robust data foundation. Reorganising and standardizing data can with relative speed create a clear picture as to the circumstances each location works within. Eiravato first captures location data albeit disparate initially. Waste data whether local vendor reports or local in-house consolidated reports are first digitized then connected to feed both the global leader command and control platform as well as platforms for local leaders. This establishes connective language where a suite of rich data, statistics and intelligence informs each party where strategies can then be activated to meet both local and global waste management goals.

Initial local platform integration into the global reporting network can be extended to more locations until all regions are connected. This initial data first strategy will for the first time create a 360 view for all locations delivering side-by-side data that can be compared, filtered to balance based on location sizes, personnel numbers, and activities. Delivered to the global command leaders with visibility can activate waste and sustainability projects assuring that goals are realistic and respectful of location real-life conditions and circumstances.

Local leader engagement is critical for global leads. A key area of concern for local leaders is the acquisition of vendor reports in a timely manner, a difficult prospect at any time. Eiravato makes available a choice of automated vendor report delivery options that will save time for local leaders time activating real-time data delivered to the network. One such choice is our waste vendor satellite platforms. Extending the network out, local leaders can activate satellite platforms enabling vendors to feed their reports automatically. Arriving data is delivered in real-time to local leaders platform where it is parked just waiting for validation. From a global lead perspective, delivered vendor data is instantly visible.


Systemic Suite of Statistics: Volumes | Regional Regulatory Codes | Finance (costs) | Sustainable Development Goals | Carbon Footprint

Integrated Data Suite: As data populates, both global and local leaders can extend systemic delivery to create bespoke datasets. These datasets can be used to populate reports to meet user specific needs such as third-party audit, regulatory, sustainability and ESG for example.

Complete Material Inventories: Eiravato transforms flat vendor or consolidated excel type reports into rich and robust actionable intelligence. Complete material inventories are built embedding multiple dataset content to activate for example characterization and classifications so important to later projects and reporting. Each material stream automatically activates a Lifecycle Management Map.

Lifecycle Mapping: This topic is fully explored at LIFECYCLE THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY on your SECTIONS page. Briefly the lifecycle map is the heart of the system that aids customers to make an impact difference for waste. Tracking materials post creation and outward to value chain partners, the key goal of the map is to guide customers to reduce, mitigate and drive materials to the best possible outcome including the circular economy.

We have barely scratched the surface as to what Eiravato can deliver for global and local waste management leaders.

Other Deliverables: Lifecycle LEAN, Material Transaction Track & Trace, Auditing, High-Level [ESG, Sustainability, Audit & Regulatory Reporting], Sustainability Marketing Content, Project Management Tools, Complete Loop Chain of Command Material Tracking, Waste Vendor Engagement Tools, Hazardous Material Inventory Classification & Control, Digital Zero Waste to Landfill Certification, Circular Economy Certification & more …….

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