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Climate Change is a fact, it is not anymore about prevention but slowing down the process. We all have responsibilities as a business to do our best, not only from ethical reasons but to assure we are prepared to deal with disruptions like rising carbon tax, or raw material prices. Some of those may be hard to predict, like consumer behavioural changes, or transport disruptions due to extreme weather, all leading to significant business risks. Schemes like TCFD or 2o Climate Action will soon become the global standards, influencing regulatory changes.

Can your business afford to take the risk?

What is Aravato

Aravato is a proven platform for waste reduction and revenue generation for innovative companies who aim to deliver the Circular Economy. Aravato offers the most comprehensive platform in existence, delivering results beyond expectation. Our clients achieve Zero to Landfill within 3 months, followed by .60-70% waste to Circular Economy, with the ultimate goal of ZERO WASTE.

Our clients achieve outstanding results, starting at the industry standard 25% of waste going to landfill and 70% waste recovered, to deliver 70% circular economy and 30% recycling within 1 year, turning on average 1000 tons of waste per year into remanufacturing FEEDSTOCK.

Aravato Protection

Aravato supports transition into LOW CARBON circular economy. Our scientific carbon savings calculation model, supports delivery of ZERO CARBON target, eliminating risks related to carbon tax.

Aravato's Value Chain transparency protects from regulatory changes, whilst securing brand's good image.

Our finance driven circular business model assures access to locally available quality end of life materials.

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