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In a fast-moving environment Retail faces the challenge of waste arising from not only its activities but also consumer returns and discards. Under scrutiny as well as environmental impact awareness many retailers have engaged with consumer return projects which add additional regulatory and practical burdens requiring that waste must be manage and recorded with great care.

Eiravato as a waste stewardship and network technology is designed to enable retailers to manage high volumes of waste, multiple types of waste including a suite of plastics, papers, cardboard, organics, and multiple locations. For both global and local waste programme managers Eiravato can connect all material types and locations delivering the high-performance infrastructure connectivity. Delivering automated waste inventories enriched with material characterization, waste classification, local and regional regulatory codes, we enhance to include accumulations, connectivity with waste vendors ensuring real-time delivery of collection reports.

System flexibility enables retail to capture, measure and disclose waste accumulations by own waste as well as consumer returns / discards by volumes, locations, SDG and Co2 impact. Embedded is a waste transfer portal that visually maps and records transactions to the next waste vendor location attaching robust evidence packs to ensure compliance adherence. Working closely with our retail customers we extend tracking to capture complete lifecycle material loops working with waste partners to ensure the best outcome for materials accrued.

Retailers with multiple stores can view store performances side-by-side with aggregated numbers, statistics and intelligence that accelerates global waste management programmes. For global waste programme leaders, we can assist them by helping local leaders with a choice of automated waste vendor report delivery options and freelance services, saving them time and the company cost.




The management of waste data via Eiravato simply makes life easier for retailers.

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