Eiravato is flexible software enabling customers to build their own waste programme management platforms (from $/€85 per month) for offices, retail, and smaller industrial operations. SAAS Self-Build can quickly be deployed using a 3-step process that creates the foundation to activating waste data input. Customers are supported by tutorials including text guides, video, and step-by-step information buttons. Self-build is simple to deploy making, made ready in one to two hours depending on waste inventory sizes. During your build process, Eiravato Support stands ready to assist you via Live Chat and email.

Prior to the build process, contact us where we will activate your platform access. Visit Request SAAS Self-Build Request below. With access have your latest waste vendor reports to hand including vendor names, addresses and contact details. Then follow the 3-step build process.

  1. Categories: At step-3 you will create your material inventory assigning a category which ill later display at your suite of statistics. You can choose to activate automated categories at LOAD PRESET or add your own choices.

  2. Network Partners – Add your waste vendor partners completing names, addresses and contact details. Your network partner map will then activate.

  3. Materials: With your vendor waste reports to hand, assign each material for example Office Paper Waste. You then assign a category as per your earlier settings. Then assign your waste partner. If you are availing of the Finance package, follow the information button guides and assign a value in your currency. Finally, and importantly, assign your regional compliance code, review all the SAVE. Repeat this process until your full inventory has been completed.

Saved assignments will be marked PENDING where your materials will be digitized and embedded into your platform. Following a short period your materials will advance to ACCEPTED MATERIALS where your platform is built, and you are good to commence loading your vendor reports. To load vendor reports you will be guided to DATA PROCESSING where you can avail of the information guide buttons and data processing tutorial.


As you PARK your waste vendor transaction reports, your platform will deliver Volume, Compliance, Finance (subject to package) statistics. Upon sealing your reports, you can activate Waste Transfer that track and trace all transactions. During this build process, our support team is at hand to help you via Live Chat or email.