Assess your Circular Performance
Build Detailed Life-cycle of your Materials

"What you can't measure, you can't improve"

Measuring your current Circular Performance is one of the key success factors on the road towards Restorative Economy. Designing detailed life-cycle of your waste and materials without right tools and guidelines is near impossible. With sharp focus only on the required data sets, EIRAVATO's Circular Assessment tool not only saves you time and money, but also allows you to build detailed material maps 60% faster.

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Blueprint your Supply Chain

Discover and map materials journey. Identify important life-cycle events, and use data to optimize materials journey.

Build Detailed Life-Cycle Maps

Break down your waste to material-level. Map existing material journey and discover alternative solutions.


Calculate your Circularity and Carbon Footprint

Utilize EIRAVATO's Big Data and our Carbon Trust Certified waste calculation model to pinpoint solid, scientifically based value for your organization.

Certify Your Success

Utilize EIRAVATO Data Proof technology to build strong evidence packs. Achieve solid Zero Waste to Landfill, Closed Loop or Circular Economy Certification supported by EIRAVATO Block-chain.

Sustainable Energy

Discover Your Circularity

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