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Sports stadiums and convention centres can be complex to manage often with multiple collection points by multiple waste partner vendors. Eiravato makes it easy by creating an intelligent network that is rich in data, simple to deploy, efficient whilst saving time and reducing costs.

We capture raw waste vendor reports that arrive in multiple formats, automate, allowing easy upload via several delivery choices. Uploaded data is enriched into a suite of statistical outputs by volumes, costs, regional regulatory codes, Co2 Footprint and Sustainable Development Goals. Systemic data delivery is enhanced with an integrated capability for customers to create their own types of data, statistics and reports bringing waste to life.

You can activate a Sub-Location function allowing you to access data for the entire location or by areas, activity sections or business units. This visibility allows organizations to see the real impact of their waste activities in real time whilst locations are provided with tools such as Lifecycle management Mapping to uplift impact performances at local levels. Local or lead teams can deploy our digital Zero Waste to Landfill programme which is highly costs effective, enriched with evidence packs putting you in control continuously.

Particular to stadium’s and convention centres, we can capture data by event producing impact waste data that can aid prediction, mitigation and preparedness for similar future events. Preparation and planning can aid to reduce costs whilst too reducing environmental impact. Waste reporting can deep dive to capture impact statistics for concessionaries.

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