For construction companies this middle position can be arduous when chasing waste vendors to deliver their reports in a timely manner that meets customer satisfaction.


Multiple site locations with geographical spreads require multiple vendors to manage extracted waste locally. This accrues and often complex position to meet the satisfaction of often many customers at any one time. Construction companies must spend time and cost consolidating vendor data, but too the customers when in receipt of such reports must the consolidate with their own all waste reports. EIRAVATO delivers maximum efficiency with built in capability for construction companies to create a system network to meet their own needs as well as that of customers.


Fluid vendor data capture is bridged to deliver high quality data to customers saving time and cost. Flat vendor data is then enriched to include regulatory and compliance Evidence Pack, visual track & trace mapping, lifecycle analyses to meet and supersede the growing customer demand to aid the sustainable goals. Construction companies with minimal effort can deliver the highest standards to more than satisfy their customers.

Construction companies can manage multiple customer vendor data delivery from one central platform.