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EIRAVATO is a comprehensive waste management platform that delivers maximum efficiency and cost savings for construction companies. Our platform simplifies the arduous task of managing waste vendors and consolidating data from multiple site locations, while meeting the satisfaction of multiple customers. With EIRAVATO, construction companies can manage all their waste management data from one central platform.

Construction Customer Platform.JPG

Our platform provides a fluid vendor data capture that delivers high-quality data to customers, saving time and cost. We enrich flat vendor data with regulatory and compliance Evidence Pack, visual track & trace mapping, and lifecycle analyses to meet and exceed the growing customer demand for sustainable waste management practices.

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EIRAVATO enables construction companies to track waste management data in real-time, monitor waste volumes and disposal routes, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. This empowers companies to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement in waste management practices, leading to greater efficiency, cost savings, and environmental benefits.


Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for construction companies to manage multiple customer vendor data delivery, eliminate the need for manual data consolidation, and streamline the reporting process. With EIRAVATO, companies can deliver the highest standards of waste management practices to more than satisfy their customers.

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