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For EHSS and waste programme managers the acquisition of waste vendor data can be a slow and time-consuming process. Vendors can often require leaders to chase outstanding reports so that in-house consolidated reports can be completed to meet oversight demands. Too, waste vendor data gaps can be problematic for leaders whether it is to meet audits or regulatory / compliance mandates.

Eiravato designed in industry for industry understands and has experienced these data accuracy pinch points. Understanding that EHSS and waste management leaders are busy we set out to build a solution that would help leaders to capture vendor data efficiently that would save significant time as we know that such leaders have many more KPI duties.

As waste programme leaders are more than aware, waste vendor reports can arrive in multiple format types whether csv. (excel), pdf, jpeg or via vendor portals. These delivery type mixes are burdensome requiring the leader to spend excessive time extracting data where naturally errors can arise. Often waste vendor data can be inconsistent requiring the leader to spend time clarifying data. Leaders must then extract vendor data to complete internal consolidated reports. This too is time consuming requiring vigilance to transfer avoid errors.

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