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For EHSS and waste programme managers the acquisition of waste vendor data can be a slow and time-consuming process. Vendors can often require leaders to chase outstanding reports so that in-house consolidated reports can be completed to meet oversight demands. Too, waste vendor data gaps can be problematic for leaders whether it is to meet audits or regulatory / compliance mandates.

Eiravato designed in industry for industry understands and has experienced these data accuracy pinch points. Understanding that EHSS and waste management leaders are busy we set out to build a solution that would help leaders to capture vendor data efficiently that would save significant time as we know that such leaders have many more KPI duties.

As waste programme leaders are more than aware, waste vendor reports can arrive in multiple format types whether csv. (excel), pdf, jpeg or via vendor portals. These delivery type mixes are burdensome requiring the leader to spend excessive time extracting data where naturally errors can arise. Often waste vendor data can be inconsistent requiring the leader to spend time clarifying data. Leaders must then extract vendor data to complete internal consolidated reports. This too is time consuming requiring vigilance to transfer avoid errors.

Completion of in-house consolidated reports more often requires the leader to add and connect additional information to be company and compliance demands. More often this can be a time- consuming manual process. Such reports whilst meeting disclosure requirements, they generally serve to only meet immediate needs and are not utilised for broad spectrum delivery to meet other needs such as high-level sustainability, advanced reporting, connectivity with financials as well as environmental impact.

At Eiravato we provide a choice of efficient vendor data acquisition tools to aid busy leaders. Built in material dropdown inventories accelerate data delivery, capture a suite of critical datasets radically reducing errors whilst flourishing consolidated reports automatically without input from leaders with data tables, graphs, compliance codes and other unique datasets being delivered automatically.


Manual: With materials inventories built capturing key datasets (compliance codes, costs, categories….) leaders in receipt of report types (pdf, jpeg…..) can quickly assign values via vendor linked material dropdowns. Reports can be placed in PARKED mode with all statics delivered in real time to the system. Leaders can later seal each waste transaction report and deploy waste transfer tracking for complete visibility. This model is ideal for small reports or reports for periodic call off waste services.

Import: For large regular waste reports delivered via Excel or similar csv. formats, Eiravato import match with the result that such large reports can be downloaded at a single click. For leaders, time saving is significant with no room for transfer error.

Vendor Satellite Platforms: All vendor contact information is tagged within our Network Partner portal which ultimately activates track and trace as well as Lifecycle Mapping. Relating to data acquisition each vendor is tagged with a satellite platform activation button. A leader can activate a platform which enables each vendor to upload their reports via similar manual or import options. For leaders this facility radically saves time noting that once a vendor saves their report, all data, statistics, and information are delivered in real-time. Leaders have complete access control over satellite platforms and can deploy additional tools such as Auditwise that capture key compliance documentation such as vendor licences and permits, all of which are housed within evidence packs to support audits and compliance mandates.

Eiravato data acquisition tools are powerful and reliable, changing how waste programme leaders manage their data. To learn more, why not contact us and book a demonstration.

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