Why us?

EIRAVATO’s mission is to deliver economic and environmental benefits to our clients, with the ultimate goal of achieving a Circular Economy. By implementing EIRAVATO’s Waste Management Software, companies can achieve a smoother transition towards 
a more sustainable and cost-effective Circular business model.

Change the perception of waste towards resource

 EIRAVATO is the first to present a holistic technology solution that tackles Circular transition, barriers and incentive measures. Our software platform is pioneering groundbreaking WITG strategy, transforming waste into high-quality remanufactured feedstock. 

Mitigate risk with Eiravato BlockChain technology

Utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and BlockChain traceability, EIRAVATO empowers to design and implement waste capture strategy that goes beyond traditional recycling, towards resource minning. EIRAVATO BlockChain material enables traceability to deliver paragon quality and performance, and to ​increase

materials value.

Most detailed Waste Classification in the World

Utilise EIRAVATO Circular Materials Data Set and most detailed unique, Carbon Trust certified Waste Classification methodology in the World to discover your Circular Potential and to capture materials before they are considered waste. Break down your waste to material-level. Map materials journey, identify important life-cycle events, and use data to optimize it. Discover alternative solutions. Combined with Circular Materials Data Sheets, EIRAVATO arms leaders with detailed waste and material knowledge so they can go beyond limiting recycling towards circular resource mining.

Build & Certify solid ZWTL and Circular Evidence Packs

Utilize EIRAVATO Data Proof technology to build strong Evidence Packs. Achieve solid Zero Waste to Landfill, Closed Loop or Circular Economy Certification supported by EIRAVATO Blockchain technology. 

Access Advanced Reporting

We specialise in enabling organizations to digitize their flat waste reportsEIRAVATO transforms existing waste contractor data-sheets into live, multi-dimensional reports. 


Quality Partnerships

Use EIRAVATO LEAN project tools to design and de-risk Circular Projects and ​​join an extensive Network of Circular Partners to deliver sustainable and profitable Closed Loop lifecycles, and maximise value.