EIRAVATO, the most powerful solution that helps companies and organizations deliver rapid Zero Waste to Landfill self-certification for single or multiple locations that is rich in data, robust in evidence and cost effective.

Balancing ever greater ESG reporting scrutiny with ZWTL accreditation can be complicated for companies, even more so if they are a global or multi-location in make-up. Mobility to activate ZWTL across many locations simultaneously can be arduous, high-cost, and difficult to regulate. Applications to accreditation bodies can be time consuming for busy global and local waste programme leaders, capturing data and information from multiple sources and files, then manually transposing into accreditor forms and software. Being arduous, global leaders often find it difficult to engage local leaders with the result that the organization holistically cannot achieve universal ZWTL status. This we listened to and now have innovated to resolve.

Our solution is designed to achieve two outcomes for customers. Firstly, should they wish to remain engaged with their third-party accreditation bodies, our data capture functionality radically reduces time spent gathering and transposing information for busy waste programme leaders. Systemic and bespoke integrated data, information and intelligence are delivered automatically to the leaders hands or where appropriate directly to the accreditors portal. A second view resulting from the deployment of Eiravato ZWTL s the capability to self-declare with confidence when supported by deep-dive evidence packs.

Self-declaration ZWTL offers a simple method of mobility for global waste programme leaders. With waste data population up to date for measured periods, leaders can activate a validation process. A global leader is not limited by their location, for example a U.S. global lead can activate ZWTL for locations in Europe, China indeed any location. The same applies for local waste programme manager, they can activate Eiravato ZWTL for their specific location. Built in connectivity captures all waste vendors at the Network Partner portal. The leader can activate a ZWTL Validation link sent to identified vendors whereby they complete, digitally sign, and automatically return to the leader.

Returned vendor validations activates ZWTL status statistics and automatically publishes a unique Declaration Certificate. Such declaration provides robust evidence which become embedded in system Evidence Packs. All vendor declarations become content for high-level ZWTL reports created via the Eiravato Report Creator tool or can be used as hard content for other third-party accrediting bodies.

ZWTL Functionality does not stop there. For the measured period, all Waste Transfers associated with the validated waste vendors publish a unique ZWTL Certificate capturing material values that have been transferred with attached Evidence Packs. For trust and visibility each transfer containing a ZWTL certificate is sealed in Eiravato Blockchain.


Eiravato digital Zero Waste to Landfill presents companies and organisations with a lower cost model that is flourished with real-world solid information that can be trusted. System mobility enables leaders to deploy multiple ZWTL vendor declarations at the same time, whilst global leaders can deploy for multiple locations.