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Global Waste Platform Technology 

Connect, Analyze & Report

Accelerate Your Global Waste & Circular Economy Efforts with Eiravato. Maximize the Power of Your Programmes, Sustainability Impact & Non-Financial Reporting Today.

Streamline global waste management with EIRAVATO. Our platform aligns regional waste codes and tracks volumes generated, delivering real-time insights to Global Waste Programme Leaders.

Build high-level flexible reports for Waste Minimization, Circular Economy, Finance KPI's, Regulatory, EHS, ESG, Non-Financial, SDG, UN Hazardous. 


Maximize the impact of your sustainability efforts with Eiravato. Our platform is specifically designed to help large organizations deliver robust report metrics for non-financial disclosures, enabling you to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. With Eiravato, you can easily track and analyze your waste data, generating reports and insights that help you make informed decisions and achieve your sustainability goals. Join the growing number of organizations that are transforming the way they manage waste, with Eiravato.



One Complete Platform 

Global Waste Programmes

Global Circular Economy Programme

Non-Financial Reporting

Sustainable Design

Lifecycle Management

Finance Management

Streamline Global Waste Programs - Rapid, Intuitive, Fact-Based, and Secure. Expert Support Included.

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