Technology backed up by knowledge to support leaders when solving challenging tasks.

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Driving innovation commercially to the bottom line.

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Building collaborative value chain to the Circular Economy that will stand the test of time.

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Why Do You Need Eiravato?

Gain a competitive advantage in your industry by embracing Circular Economy.

To realise a viable Circular Economy, one must embrace knowledge. Whilst world leaders recognise the Circular Economy as one key component in the challenge that is climate change and the environment, practicality and know how often remains unanswered.

Eiravato as an analytical platform, helps and guides organisations to measure material centric challenges,

  • To optimise waste reduction strategies.
  • To re-assess and expand Lifecycle Assessment methodologies.
  • To discover opportunities to circularity.
  • To measure and valorise carbon.
  • To advance a sustainable narrative with minimal interruption.
  • To create equitable long lasting value chain collaborations.
  • To share and learn in support of a strong Circular Economy community.

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EIRAVATO delivers the ‘simple’ to transition, allowing busy professionals to extract value from discovered data and to plan accordingly. Using our integrated knowledge platform, discover answers that will solve your immediate challenges and to mitigate forthcoming pressures. Build strong partnerships that will accelerate smooth transition to a collaborative Circular Economy.

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We will empower the world’s leading companies and governments to eliminate waste by delivering a global marketplace where valuable materials and resources are constantly traded and reused- not wasted. Some call it the Circular Economy – we call it Eiravato!

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