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Global Waste Platform Technology
Connect, Protect, Measure, Report, Save 

A powerful platform technology that enables businesses to deploy and accelerate  waste management programs successfully across multiple regulatory jurisdictions.

Build high-level flexible reports for Waste Minimization, Circular Economy, Finance KPI's, Regulatory, EHS, ESG, Non-Financial, SDG, UN Hazardous. 

A centralized platform for waste management data and reporting, eliminating the need for multiple disparate systems and reducing the time and cost associated with manual data collection and consolidation.


Eiravato accelerates global waste programs rapidly in partnership with its customers, delivering results, insights, and intelligence with minimal deployment impact. We drive waste program management across multiple jurisdictions, simultaneously connecting both global and local leaders to understand the current status and deploying predictive simulations to achieve waste minimization, sustainability, and circular goals. Eiravato minimizes the time required by busy, multi-regional EHS, and waste program leaders by partnering to project lead the most efficient digital waste program network. We do it, so you don't have to!



One Complete Platform 

Global Waste Programme Network Design

Multi Region Waste Vendor Data Management

Circular & Zero Waste Programme Planning

Integrated Report Creator

Waste Tender RFP Tool

Lifecycle Management Tracking

Waste Finance Data Analyses

Streamline Global Waste Programs - Rapid, Intuitive, Fact-Based, and Secure. Expert Support Included


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