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Tracking Waste and Sustainability



International organizations dealing with waste challenges benefit immensely from Eiravato. As a digital waste data management solution, Eiravato streamlines waste processes, replaces manual reporting, and provides real-time insights, saving time and offering actionable intelligence. It optimizes material efficiency, reduces environmental impact, and fosters a circular economy, making it an essential tool for global entities committed to efficient waste management and sustainability.


Eiravato Turbocharges Global Waste Programs in Collaboration with Clients, Delivering Fast Results and Insights with Minimal Implementation Disruption. Our platform seamlessly manages waste programs across diverse jurisdictions, connecting both global and local leaders, providing real-time status updates and deploying predictive simulations for waste minimization, sustainability, circular economy objectives, and reducing costs. Eiravato streamlines the efforts of waste program leaders, leading the way in creating an efficient digital waste program network. We handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what matters most!

Your Digital Workforce for Waste Management

Eiravato is more than just a waste management solution; we're your dedicated digital workforce for managing waste efficiently across global locations. Our advanced technology automates time-consuming waste management tasks, ensuring that your organization can contribute minimal time to manage waste data while maintaining accuracy and compliance. From swift site activation to continuous maintenance, our platform streamlines the entire waste management journey, empowering Site Managers and personnel with automated processes and simplified validation. Eiravato is committed to data accuracy, compliance, and blockchain sealing, ensuring a sustainable and efficient waste management ecosystem. Let Eiravato be your trusted digital partner in transforming waste management into a streamlined, cost-effective, and sustainable process.

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