Our integrated platform is easing the transition to circular economy business models thanks to waste digitalisation and dedicated materials marketplace. We empower companies and governments to provide economically viable ZERO WASTE strategies contributing to the bottom line.


Assess lifecycle – Find a better Outcome – Maximise value Build an efficient & adapted circular models


Waste digitalization
made simple.
Digitalize, improve,
get rewards.


Reporting and waste
management data
Let your providers
data work for you.


Buy and Sell materials
and components
maximise value.

EIRAVATO integrated platforms is designed with one and only thought: to empower organisations to achieve ZERO WASTE through adaptation of innovative, bottom line driven Circular Economy Business Models.

EIRAVATO supports Waste Digitization process thanks to Big Data and automation, capturing multiple data sources delivered by your providers. With rich data organizations can make better decisions leading to discovery and implementation of commercial value driven Circular Economy Solutions.

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