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From Siloed Sites to Global Vision: EIRAVATO's Multisite Intelligence Unifies Your Waste Management

One Platform, Endless Possibilities: Conquer Multisite Waste Management with EIRAVATO's Unifying Intelligence

Multi-Location Analytics

Managing waste across multiple sites can be a logistical and data nightmare. Silos, inconsistencies, and limited visibility make it difficult to optimize processes, track progress, and achieve sustainability goals. But EIRAVATO's Multisite Intelligence changes the game.

Imagine this:

  • A single dashboard: Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms and reports. EIRAVATO's unified platform seamlessly integrates data from all your sites, giving you a real-time, holistic view of your waste management performance.

  • Standardized processes: Ensure consistency and compliance across your global operations. EIRAVATO's pre-built and customizable workflows simplify waste management procedures, reducing errors and inefficiencies.

  • Data-driven insights at your fingertips: Go beyond basic reporting. EIRAVATO's powerful analytics tools provide granular insights into each site, revealing potential improvements and best practices for optimization.

  • Material-centric reporting: Track and analyze specific materials across all locations. EIRAVATO's platform allows you to identify waste reduction opportunities for each material, from paper to electronics.

  • Best practice discovery and sharing: Learn from each other. EIRAVATO fosters collaboration by enabling the sharing of best practices across sites, boosting efficiency and innovation.

  • Tailored reporting for every need: Get the information you need, the way you need it. EIRAVATO's platform allows you to create customized reports for local teams, regional managers, and global leadership.

  • Enhanced communication and collaboration: Break down silos and foster communication across sites. EIRAVATO's platform facilitates information sharing and collaboration, leading to better decision-making and improved results.

  • Global SDG and carbon analytics: Track your progress towards sustainability goals with confidence. EIRAVATO's platform calculates your global carbon footprint and provides insights into achieving your UN Sustainable Development Goals.


EIRAVATO's Multisite Intelligence is more than just a platform; it's a catalyst for global waste management transformation. By unifying your data, empowering your teams, and providing actionable insights, we help you:

  • Reduce waste generation and optimize resource recovery across all sites.

  • Improve operational efficiency and cost savings through standardized processes.

  • Enhance compliance and mitigate risk with consistent reporting and data management.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability with transparent reporting and global SDG progress.

  • Unlock the power of collaboration and innovation for continuous improvement.

Don't let siloed data and fragmented processes hold you back. Take control of your multisite waste management with EIRAVATO's Multisite Intelligence and unlock a world of possibilities.

See firsthand how EIRAVATO can unify your multisite waste management and drive results.

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