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Achieve your Global Goals Quicker

EIRAVATO fosters collaboration among multi-site locations and value chain partners by facilitating non-confidential knowledge sharing. Through a secure and interconnected platform, EIRAVATO promotes transparent communication, enabling stakeholders to collectively drive sustainability initiatives and streamline waste management practices across diverse locations and partner networks.

Closer Than Ever to 
Your Global Locations

The Multisite module in EIRAVATO serves as a global knowledge-sharing hub, enabling large organizations to seamlessly exchange insights, compare performance metrics, and analyze data across the globe. This feature empowers multinational companies to harmonize waste management strategies, fostering collaboration and driving sustainable practices on a worldwide scale.

Business Handshake

Achieve Your Goals with Your Partners

EIRAVATO's Partner Portal plays a pivotal role in enabling data standardization, fostering knowledge sharing, and promoting collaboration with suppliers to achieve organizational goals. By providing a unified platform for streamlined communication and data exchange, the Partner Portal enhances transparency, efficiency, and synergy between organizations and their suppliers, driving collective efforts toward common objectives.

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